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Cops React to Bill de Blasio’s Response to Officer Shootings

 Police officers line-up to pay their respects at a memorial during a vigil for two New York City police officers at the location where they were killed, December 21, 2014 in New York City. The police officers were shot execution style Saturday afternoon as they sat in their marked police car on a Brooklyn street corner. The suspect, who allegedly shot his girlfriend in Baltimore earlier in the day, is believed to have been motivated by the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Tensions between law enforcement and city leaders escalated this Saturday, after an armed man (who had just shot his ex-girlfriend that morning) ambushed NYPD officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu in their car, killing them and then committing suicide in a nearby train station. The shooter, 28-year-old Ismaaiyl Brinsley, was a Brooklyn native but hadn’t lived in the city for years. Nonetheless, police advocate groups and former elected officials — notably, former governor George Pataki — assigned responsibility for the shooting to the mayor, telling him that he had blood on his hands. 

On Monday, the mayor addressed the shootings during a luncheon with the Police Athletic League. He urged protesters, angry at the lack of police accountability for the deaths of several unarmed black men this year, to pause their protests until after the officers are laid to rest. “It’s time for everyone to put aside political debates, put aside protests, put aside all of the things that we will talk about in due time,” he said. “That can be for another day.” He also noted his additions to the police department’s budget.

The comments did little to appease his detractors at the NYPD, who are upset by de Blasio’s sympathy for the protesters and his remarks about how he told his son Dante, who is biracial, to be careful in his interactions with law enforcement. Some officers have found like-minded brothers on online messaging forums PoliceOne and Thee Rant (though members are anonymous, the sites require ID cards for verification). Here is what they have to say about de Blasio’s overall response and his plans to attend the funerals of the deceased:



I would like to know if either or both of these honorable brothers signed one of those requests that De Blasio NOT attent thier funeral. Every media story I have read mentions it, but none say whether these specific officers signed one. I would think that any reporter who actually wanted to truthfully inform the public would ask that question! If the officers did sign, I hope that the families publicly and loudly demand that this divisive and inflamitory mayor LEAVE if he does show. 


De Blasio said he would attend both funerals.”
Bad idea, mayor.


A little too little. A little too late.
I am wondering if he feels that it is worth a confrontation showing up to a funeral no one wants him at.

Thee Rant


The expected nonsense. Yes, patting each other on the back was the “theme”


What DeBasshole should have said was:

*This was a deplorable assassination that every New Yorker & every American should take personally. Hopefully the savage that did suffered immensely before his last decrepit breath on this earth. If it’s determined that anyone else was in any responsible for this heinous act they will be hunted and tracked like the animals they are.

* As far as the demonstrations, I am directing Commissioner Bratton to enforce every and all laws, including the need for a City permit to legally demonstrate. Marching on city streets, bridges etc will result in immediate arrest.Assaulting PO’s will never be tolerated and I will personally call the DA concerned to strongly encourage very rigorous prosecution of anyone that dares to lay a hand on our Police Officers!


That man, debalzio, is a pothead. He is unable to focus on the present. He is living in his world. He is not fit to be mayor. He is a protestor.


Back peddling too late . You hate us. Get lost. All of sudden you support us with 400 million dollars for what? Cameras lol. Bratton you kissing this guys arse is disgusting . Oh by the way he finally used the word assault on police officers lol. Blaming the press?? Peaceful protestors? What a fool this guy is. How dare he say that when he was on TV telling us he fears for his sons safety from the police. You stirred up the hatred with the president. I hate liberals hate them.


Disgusting. I had to turn it off. What I did get out of it is that it will be status quo with the “peaceful” people demonstrating for change in an unfair society. Expect more nights of obstructing traffic and assaulting and yelling at the police. Evidently 2 cops being assassinated had nothing to do with a few hundred people marching though Brooklyn chanting they want dead cops.

Pulled the Pin

This was his chance to stand in front of the media and apologize to the families of the Officers and the NYPD as a whole for his anti-Police remarks and condemn the violent protesters. Instead he blamed the media for fanning the flames of hatred. Hey Dyck-head, what do you think they report? Your speeches.


I listened to this disgraceful sham of a press conference on the radio and was glad I didn’t have to look at these dycks and their circle jerk with the compliant press.

How come no question or mention of his muslim background or quoting of the koran and call for jihad?

Twice I heard DeB call Brinsley a “career criminal with 19 arrests” but he called Eric Garner a good man when he had over 30 arrests, but the press doesn’t even question this.

Deb never mention a thing about the press being divisive or pushing some aspects of the demonstrations until today and he totally ignored the chant of “we want dead cops”.

Cops React to de Blasio and Officer Shootings