Google’s Top Searches of 2014 Are a Great Reminder of How Terrible This Year Was

NORFOLK, VIRGINIA - OCTOBER 26: Robin Williams photographed backstage before his performance at the Ted Constant Convocation Center during a 30-city tour October, 26, 2009 in Norfolk, Virginia. (Photo by Jay Paul/Getty Images)
Photo: Jay Paul/2009 Jay Paul

Spend enough time on Twitter or trapped inside the hellish 24-hour news cycle and each year will start to seem like the worst year yet. But between Ebola and ISIS and high-profile celebrity suicide and all the airplane disasters, 2014 does seem like a particularly awful year. Now we have data confirmation! Google released its top searches of the year this morning, and the results appear to only corroborate that feeling: 2014 is officially the worst.

Top trending searches of 2014:

Top trending “What is …?” searches:

Top trending natural events:

Top trending losses:


Google’s Top Searches Prove 2014 Was Horrible