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Former NYPD ‘Cop of the Year’ Arrested for Allegedly Trying to Buy a Whole Lot of Cocaine

Photo: Broward County Sheriff’s Office

An NYPD police officer, who also happened to be a winner of his Queens precinct’s “Cop of the Year” award, was arrested Monday in Sunrise, Florida, for allegedly trying to buy ten kilos (about 22 pounds) of cocaine. Officer Philip LeRoy was honored in 2012, but that’s all in the past now that he’s being held on $250,000 bail in a Florida jail and facing charges of cocaine trafficking, conspiracy to traffic cocaine, and felony weapons possession. The Post reports LeRoy was busted in a drug sting set up by area law enforcement, leading one police source to note that, “you got to be pretty stupid to do this deal in Sunrise.” Kind of makes you wonder who lost out to this guy for “Cop of the Year.”

Honored NYPD Cop Busted for Buying Cocaine