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Jeb Bush Tweet Sparks Wolf Blitzer Dance Party

Photo: The Situation Room/Twitter

It’s only been a few hours since Jeb Bush revealed that he’ll “actively explore” a presidential run, and his announcement has already had dire consequences for our nation. Most Americans would like to believe that, much like our first-grade teacher, Wolf Blitzer sleeps in the Situation Room and only thinks about how to spin minor news updates into endless hours of TV coverage. However, today we were forced to acknowledge that TV’s beardiest anchor has iTunes, and it might be filled with crappy pop music.

This afternoon, Blitzer (or whoever’s running his social media accounts) tweeted:

The Twitter backlash was immediate, but Blitzer tried to play along by posting video of the self-described best political team in television dancing to selections from his playlist.

Blitzer doesn’t do any dancing himself, but we should take this as a warning: If Elizabeth Warren gets into the race, Wolf will do the Dougie.

Jeb Bush Tweet Sparks Wolf Blitzer Dance Party