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Court Rules Child Molester Jerry Sandusky Doesn’t Deserve a Fancy Pension

Former Penn State football defensive coordinator Gerald
Photo: Andy Colwell/AP

Convicted child molester and ex–Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky lost a battle to restore his $4,900 monthly pension checks from the state Friday, in a ruling by the State Employees’ Retirement System. Sandusky had already received more than $1 million from the fund before he was sentenced and cut off, and isn’t likely to get another chance to use the money as a free man: He’s 70, and serving a minimum of three decades. His lawyer, however, plans to appeal this decision in court, with the ruling hinging on the key question of whether Sandusky’s old crimes are covered by a 2004 addition of sex crimes to the state’s forfeiture laws.

Jerry Sandusky Won’t Get His Fancy Pension Back