Watch Our Karaoke Explainer on the Salvation Army

Ah, the sounds of the holiday season. This time of year, you can’t avoid Christmas muzak, retail workers wishing you a happy holiday, and, of course, the bells of Salvation Army fund-raisers. We take for granted that people in uniforms will stand next to red metal kettles and ring bells, asking for charitable donations — but what, exactly, is the Salvation Army? What salvation does it offer? In what respect is it an army? As it turns out, there is much more than meets the eye when it comes to the Salvation Army — from its military hierarchy to its controversial politics. Rather than give you a bland text explainer, we decided to add some holiday spice and put together a little karaoke video, to the tune of the holiday classic “Sleigh Ride,” to let you know more about this worldwide nonprofit entity. Gather around the computer, watch, and sing along!

Watch a Karaoke Explainer on the Salvation Army