Brooklyn Man Charged After Punching Cop in the Head During Garner Protests

A man who was caught on YouTube punching a cop in the head during an Eric Garner protest has been arrested on multiple charges, according to the Daily News

The incident occurred at the Staten Island Ferry Whitehall Terminal on December 4. Around the 2:09 mark of the video, a scuffle ensues, and a man wearing a face mask can be seen punching a police officer blocking the crowd from where other cops are handcuffing another protestor.

This isn’t the first time 22-year-old Bushwick resident Yotameli Sayer was caught allegedly assaulting a police officer. He was booked on similar charges that same night for hitting a cop in Union Square before police linked him to the viral video. He’s been charged with “assault on a police officer, resisting arrest, obstructing governmental administration and disorderly conduct for the second offense.” 


Man Charged for Punching Cop During Protests