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Mom Calls Into C-SPAN to Yell at Her Pundit Sons for Arguing

It’s the stuff terrible TV dramedies are made of: Two Southern brothers can’t stop fighting over health care because they’re total political opposites! One’s a Democrat and one’s a Republican; one’s a senior official at the DNC and one the former North Carolina state director for Americans for Prosperity. Can they learn to set aside their differences and love each other? They better, if their mom has anything to say about it.

Brad and Dallas Woodhouse were doing a spot on C-SPAN when their mother, Joy, decided to call in and give them a piece of her mind. When Dallas hears her voice he grumbles, “Oh God, it’s mom.”

Mrs. Woodhouse is sick and tired of the boys arguing about politics during family gatherings, so she lets everyone know she was glad that they spent Thanksgiving at their respective in-laws’ places. Furthermore, the Woodhouse boys better get all their arguing out before Christmas, because she will not have their incessant bickering ruin the holidays — no way, no how.

This is not planned, swears the host, making it the first time anything spontaneous and mildly interesting has happened on C-SPAN ever. Or it was totally planned. Either way, when will these wacky pundit brothers and their outspoken mama get a reality-TV show?

Mom Calls C-SPAN to Yell at Her Sons for Arguing