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Someone Is Cutting Hillary’s Signature Out of Copies of Hard Choices

Photo: Simon & Schuster

Life is full of hard choices, such as, “Should I bring a cutting instrument to a Strand bookstore and slice out Hillary Clinton’s autograph from signed copies of her memoir?” At least one person actually made that choice. DNAinfo reports that someone (possibly two people) has cut out the potential 2016 Democratic presidential candidate’s signature from 13 first-edition copies of Hard Choices. Sometimes the defacer carved out just her autograph, but other times they audaciously removed the whole signature page. This is believed to be a campaign waged over the course of about two weeks, and no other titles were harmed. The bookstore is now selling these copies for a less-than-half-price discount, so if you missed someone on your Christmas list, we’re sure they won’t notice the missing page.

Someone’s Destroying Hillary’s Memoir at Strand