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It’s a New Year’s Miracle: The Annoying Subway Emergency Exit Alarms Are Gone Forever

Photo: New York Daily News Archive/Getty Images

There is only one gift that could be bestowed upon New Yorkers that would minorly redeem the mind-blowing atrocity that was the year 2014. Miraculously, the MTA has giveth us that gift: say good-bye to subway emergency exit alarms.

The headache-inducing chirping, familiar to anyone who’s ever tried to exit the subway during rush hour, or — God forbid — get a stroller onto the platform, has been shut off from all the emergency exits, save for “a couple of stragglers.” This means you’ll be able to exit through the gates without irritating everyone around you. Maybe 2014 wasn’t so bad after all.

Subway Emergency Exit Alarms Are Gone Forever