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Will of World’s Most Selfish Pet-Owner: Kill My Dog So We Can Be Buried Together

Photo: Shutterstock

Bella the German shepherd is alive, but her unnamed Cincinnati owner recently passed away. Normally Bella would go to the loving home of a new owner, where she could live out the rest of her days chasing squirrels and sleeping on the couch. But Bella’s dead owner has a particularly selfish clause in her will: Kill my dog and bury her with me, please!

Portland-area news station KATU reports that the woman’s lawyer claims the dog must be put down and its ashes buried with the owner, as it’s the only way to truly carry out the will’s request. Others argue that it’s kind of wrong to kill a happy, healthy dog, and instead they should wait until Bella dies of natural causes before burying her with her owner.

Bella was reportedly scheduled to be put down yesterday morning, but that’s been put on hold while lawyers work out what, exactly, her fate should be. We’re rooting for you, Bella!


Woman’s Will: Kill Living Dog & Bury Him With Me