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At Least 10 Killed After Bus Carrying Texas Prisoners Slides Off Icy Bridge Onto Passing Train

Officials investigate the scene of a prison transport bus crash in Penwell, Texas, Wednesday, Jan. 14, 2015. Law enforcement officials said the bus carrying prisoners and corrections officers fell from an overpass in West Texas and crashed onto train tracks below, killing at least 10 people. (AP Photo/The Odessa American, Mark Sterkel)
Photo: Mark Sterkel/AP Photo/The Odessa American

A bus full of state prisoners skidded on an icy patch of road just west of Odessa, Texas, and collided with a passing train, resulting in at least ten fatalities. 

The bus was traveling from a prison in Aberdine to one in El Paso when it crossed an icy overpass. Its wheels lost traction and it flipped over the guardrail and into an embankment before landing on a moving Union Pacific freight train. The two train employees were not harmed in the accident.

Eight prisoners and two corrections officers were killed in the crash, reports the AP. Five people were taken to the hospital with unknown injuries.

10 Dead After Bus Carrying Prisoners Hits Train