15 Tweets That Will Make You Hate Davos

Participants attend a session called
Photo: Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty Images

Once again, it’s Davos, the world’s most elite corporate-sponsored networking junket dedicated to the gravest of global issues. Here’s a smattering of Twitter reports on how things are going a mile high in the Swiss Alps.

Thus far, activities include shopping for an across-the-pond pied-à-terre.

Jockeying for the optimal social-media position.

Parsing important distinctions.

Reconnecting with close friends.

Preparing important presentations.

Getting around.

Working on our confidence.

In part by staying calm.


Keeping up with current events.

Enjoying the little things.

Getting to the important issues, early and often.

More shuttling around.

Taking part in important activities.

Taming our FOMO.

No word on whether a class war has broken out yet.

15 Tweets That Will Make You Hate Davos