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Are You Ready for More Snow?

Photo: Alex Trautwig/2015 Getty Images

While it’s difficult to know whom to trust in a post–Blizzard of 2015 world, it’s even more difficult to ignore weather forecasts entirely. So, here’s what  meteorologists are saying about the rest of the week: It’s pretty cold, and it’s going to stay that way. Also, we might be getting some more snow. 

Temperatures in New York are expected to peak in the low to mid-30s on Thursday and Friday before dipping into the mid-20s for the weekend. There’s a good chance of snow for tomorrow night, but it won’t be enough to cover up the dirty slush piles that have begun to take over the city: The National Weather Service says there will be an inch, at most.  

However, another storm system is scheduled to roll in on Sunday night, bringing … some kind of precipitation. “This far out, it’s tough to say” whether next week will begin with snow, freezing rain, or a combination, said the NWS’s John Cristanello. He also declined to predict how much of whatever it is will fall. Chastened weathermen aren’t very fun. 

Are You Ready for More Snow?