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Comcast Changes Customer’s Name to ‘Asshole’ After Attempt to Cancel Cable Service

Lisa and Ricardo Brown decided to save a little extra money each month by canceling their cable service. Unfortunately, the Spokane, Washington, couple’s cable provider was Comcast, which has a long history of trying to manipulate people into remaining customers. It did not respond kindly to the Browns’ request.

Lisa Brown told blogger Christopher Elliott that when she declined to give in to a retention specialist’s pleadings that she keep cable, the person changed her husband’s name to “Asshole” in the system. Now, when she logs in online, her account welcomes her as “Asshole Brown,” and her mailed bills are addressed to the same nasty nickname.

Though Brown had been trying for a while to get the account name changed, Comcast only jumped into action when Elliott reached out to them. They changed the name on the account and also refunded all of the money Brown had paid over the two years she was a Comcast customer.

Hey, Time Warner, I’m happy to be called whatever you want if it means free cable!

Comcast Changes Customer’s Name to ‘Asshole’