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Celebratory Dallas Cowboys Hug Costs Christie 2016 Election

Chris Christie was on track to take the White House in 2016 (if you ignore Bridgegate and various other issues), but according to Twitter he lost the election on Sunday night when TV cameras caught him hugging Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones as his team scored a touchdown, giving the Cowboys a 24–20 playoff victory over the Detroit Lions. The New Jersey governor has been open about the fact that he’s a lifelong Cowboys fan, though most of his constituents root for the Giants, the Jets, or the Eagles. However, it appears many people didn’t understand the depth of Christie’s passion for another state’s team until they saw the governor joyously embrace two men in the owner’s suite after a failed high-five attempt.

Then, to make matters worse, Christie’s little brother came to his defense in a Facebook post.

Voters in 2016 might have been able to look past the governor’s traitorous sports affiliations, but why vote Christie if he’s not even going to do his own yelling?

Dallas Cowboys Hug Costs Christie 2016 Election