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Banner Flying Over Manhattan Advises de Blasio to ‘GET OFF THE POT’

Photo: @Car4997/Twitter

For the fifth time in three weeks, an airplane is towing a giant anti–Mayor de Blasio sign over New York City. This one, spotted by a number of Twitter users (and, presumably, some normal people) on Tuesday morning, blares, “DE BLASIO GET OFF THE POT. RESIGN. WE [HEART] NYPD.”  

Gothamist reports that a group calling itself Retired NYPD for a Safe New York has taken credit for the unsubtle reference to a cop-led effort to encourage rumors about the mayor smoking weed at Gracie Mansion. The organization also claimed responsibility for two of the sky banners seen earlier this month (DE BLASIO FAILED ALL NYERS. IT’S TIME. RESIGN” and “NY SUPPORT NYPD. REST IN PEACE DET’S LIU AND RAMOS“), though they said that a similar pair of signs (“DE BLASIO, OUR BACKS HAVE TURNED TO YOU” and “DE BLASIO, APOLOGIZE TO THE NYPD!!”) was someone else’s work. Retired NYPD also released an 11-item list of de Blasio actions that supposedly demonstrate his “glaring disdain” for law enforcement, including his campaigning against stop-and-frisk, his hiring of Rachel Noerdlinger, his response to the non-indictment in the Eric Garner case, and a bunch of other things you’ve heard before. 

Banner Tells de Blasio to ‘Get Off the Pot’