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Dinesh D’Souza Celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day by Comparing Himself to Martin Luther King Jr.

Author Dinesh D'Souza attends the
Photo: Ben Hider/Getty Images

Anti-Obama “documentarian” Dinesh D’Souza is currently serving eight months in a “community-confinement center” for campaign finance fraud, which means that he has plenty of time to think and reflect upon his situation. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to be making much progress. As Martin Luther King Jr. Day approached, D’Souza — a race-baiter who insists that the charges against him were “payback” from the Obama administration — posted a series of tweets comparing himself to (who else?) Martin Luther King Jr.

D’Souza seems to have left King’s “Letter From a Birmingham Jail” alone, but it’s still relatively early.

D’Souza Honors MLK With ‘Interesting Parallel’