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Rudy Giuliani: Why Isn’t Obama Leading an Islamic Reform Movement?

Warning: To understand the following Fox News clip you’ll need to abandon what you thought you knew about Islam, Barack Obama, and the president’s general desire to stop terrorism. Tonight on Hannity, Rudy Giuliani shared a novel theory on why President Obama did not travel to Paris to march with other world leaders in an anti-terrorism rally. The White House cited security concerns and admitted it should have sent a high-profile official, but the former New York mayor said, “I believe he didn’t go because he didn’t want to make a statement against radical Islamic terrorism.”

What motivation could the president possibly have for this? Sean Hannity doesn’t press Giuliani for an explanation, and instead moves on to whether he thinks the president’s actions on radical Islam are “cowardly.” “It’s coming across that way,” says Giuliani. “Now, is it his ideology? Is it his sympathy for a religion that maybe as a youngster he learned more about than other people?”

Next Hannity and Giuliani reveal that they have both read the Quran three times and have some ideas about what’s wrong with Islam. “Somebody has to say for the Islamic religion, this stuff is old, and we’ve got to forget about it, the way Jews have forgotten about the idea that you stone women for adultery,” Giuliani declares.

Of course, Hannity knows they shouldn’t be telling Muslims to change their religious views. “The people who should be leading it are the people that are Muslim that are watching their religion hijacked,” says the host. “If you don’t speak out against the radicals that have taken over your religion then you are almost as responsible.”

Giuliani adds that there needs to be something like the “Protestant Reformation” or “Jewish Reform movement” within Islam. “And I think the president could lead that,” he says. “I think if the president spoke out against radical Islamic fundamentalism he would rally a lot of very good Muslim people. He would give them a place around which they could rally, where they may feel more of an affinity than for you or me.” They just need a Christian U.S. president to tell them what to do.

Giuliani: Why Won’t Obama Lead Islamic Reform?