Glenn Beck Wants to School the Pope on the Free Market

Photo: Vincenzo Pinto/Getty Images; BlazeTV

According to Glenn Beck, Pope Francis has a serious problem: He fundamentally does not understand capitalism. The right-wing pundit took up this issue on his Blaze network show Thursday, when he recounted a lunch meeting he had with someone “high up” and close to the pope. 

The way Beck — who was born to a Catholic family but converted to Mormonism as an adult — tells it, his lunch date “almost breathed water through his nose” when asked, “So tell me, is the pope … you know … is he a communist?”

He looked at me and he laughed. And he went, ‘No … well’” — Beck paused for dramatic effect — “‘No.’” Scooting to the front of his seat, Beck explained that, during his life in Latin America, the pope experienced both Marxism and cronyism, and simply confuses the latter with capitalism. Beck then offered to explain to the pope what good old “let-me-serve-you capitalism” can be. Watch the clip below:

Glenn Beck Wants to School Pope on Capitalism