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Man Accused of Killing His Rich Father Over Reduced Allowance May Still Get His Inheritance

Thirty-year-old Tommy Gilbert, the Hamptons surfer bum accused of killing his hedge-fund-founder father over a reduction in his allowance, may get something out of the crime aside from jail time: The Post reports that Thomas Gilbert Sr.’s will requests that his $1.6 million fortune be split evenly among his wife, his daughter, and Tommy.

His rights of inheritance depend on the actual intent of the killing and the facts are not clear yet,” an estates attorney told the Post. In order for Tommy to be cut out of the will, the court would have to rule that his father’s killing was intentional or reckless. He could also keep the money by pleading insanity.

Half a million can buy a lot of prison rations. 

Guy Accused of Killing Dad May Get Inheritance