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Jimmy McMillan Faces Eviction Because His Rent Is Too Damn Low

In a cruel and ironic twist of fate, Jimmy McMillan, perpetual mayoral candidate and founder of the Rent Is Too Damn High Party, claims he may lose his home because his landlord feels his rent is too low. McMillan received an eviction notice ordering him to vacate his rent-stabilized East Village apartment by February 5. He’s filed court papers seeking a stay and claims landlord Lisco Holdings LLC is trying to push him out because they could charge far more than the $872 per month he’s currently paying (or attempting to — he says a judge refused to let him simply write a check for the amount due). 

The landlord alleges that McMillan’s primary residence is actually in Brooklyn, which is a violation of his lease agreement. That point has been in dispute since at least 2011. McMillan maintains that the Brooklyn apartment is actually just an office, and when the Daily News asked where he plans to go if he’s kicked out, he said, “I don’t have a clue.” Can’t we just give him a spare bedroom in Gracie Mansion?

Jimmy McMillan Faces Eviction; Rent Is Too Low