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Man Will Plead Guilty to Your Stupid Charges If You Give the Cats He Killed the Respect They Deserve

Gaston County Jail booking photo of Matthew McAveeney, 46, who was arrested in Belmont, North Carolina on Tuesday in connection with the beating death of his mother in her Winchester Condo.
Photo: Gaston County Jail

Forty-six-year-old Massachusetts man Matthew McAveeney has admitted to killing his elderly mother and her two cats, but he’ll only officially plead guilty to the charges if the prosecutors will give the cats he murdered the respect they deserve by naming them in the indictment. “The animals are, were, living beings,” he told the court. “They had lives, they had personalities, they had identities and if I’m going to be convicted of killing them, I would like them to be known for what they were, you know, who they were, by their names.” What a true animal lover.

Man Will Plead Guilty if Indictment Names Cats