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Drone Filled With Meth Crashes Near U.S.-Mexico Border

Photo: Secretaria De Seguridad P?blica Municipal De Tijuana

Meet the newest menace in the war on drugs: the meth drone. Underground drug-smuggling tunnels are so 2014.

The AP reports that a drone filled with six pounds of meth was found in a Mexico City grocery-store parking lot on Wednesday. The remote-controlled propeller aircraft had collapsed under the weight of its illegal cargo, sending it crashing down suspiciously close to the California border.

This is apparently not the first time inventive smugglers have been caught using drones to ferry substances between California and Mexico. In 2012, the DEA caught more than 150 drones manned by Mexican cartels flying drugs into the U.S. Points for creativity, I guess.

Meth Drone Crashes Near U.S.-Mexico Border