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Nail-Clippers and Performers Join Manspreaders As the Target of the MTA’s Latest Ads

The MTA is rolling out its new transit campaign this month, so if you haven’t seen the ads yet, you probably will soon. Called “Courtesy Counts, Manners Make a Better Ride,” the campaign is the same one that just began shaming manspreaders and subway-eaters.

Among those now being targeted are the people who get ready for work during their commute, instead of in their own homes. The ad (top image) includes a reminder that “it’s a subway car, not a restroom” and features a poor soul sandwiched between someone aggressively clipping their nails (while manspreading) and that lady you see applying her makeup on the train every single morning.

There’s also a poster calling out bag ladies (and men), and another that (sadly) singles out dancers. (The subway is no place for “showtime,” despite what you’ve been led to believe.) Now all we can do is sit back and let these ads make the world, or at least the rush-hour 6 train, a better, kinder, less revolting place. 

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