blizzard of 2015

New Yorkers Went on a Greasy Takeout Binge Ahead of the Blizzard

Photo: Pizza Hut

If you craved less-than-wholesome takeout food ahead of Monday’s blizzard, you weren’t alone. According to data from, orders for pizza, lo mein, and other delivery staples were coming in at roughly twice the normal rates between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. that day.

It wasn’t just a spike in the number of orders — the average order size peaked at 45 percent larger than normal. Here are the top 15 foods with unusual sales spikes during the blizzard, according to Seamless data crunched by the company for Daily Intelligencer:

Cheese pizza — up 135 percent versus a typical winter Monday

Pepperoni pizza — up 134 percent

Hot chocolate — up 122 percent

Bagels — up 105 percent

Boneless spare ribs — up 100 percent

Cannolis — up 98 percent

Bottled water — up 97 percent

Lo mein — up 94 percent

Pancakes — up 78 percent

Chicken vindaloo — up 71 percent

Muffins — up 71 percent

Chicken Parmigiana — up 69 percent

Baked ziti — up 69 percent

Garlic knots — up 69 percent

Sweet-and-sour chicken — up 68 percent

Winter storm Juno may not have delivered the crushing blow we were promised, but it looks like it was just the excuse we needed to break a few New Year’s resolutions.

New Yorkers Ate Tons of Takeout Before Blizzard