NYPD Officer Seriously Injured While Messing Around With Squad Car

Some NYPD officers have a ton of time on their hands now that they’ve virtually given up on arresting people, so naturally New York’s finest have resorted to everybody’s favorite work-avoidance tactic: dicking around.

CBS New York reports that an episode of “horseplay that got out of hand” landed a Kensington officer in the hospital with a head injury on Monday morning. Though the incident was initially reported as an officer falling out of a stationary vehicle, surveillance footage shows the cop gleefully riding on the hood of a squad car driven by another officer. But when the car comes to a sudden stop, the officer flies off the hood and smacks his head on the pavement.

Both officers are expected to be written up on “departmental charges” and grounded by their mothers for roughhousing. 


NYPD Officer Hurt While Messing With Squad Car