Obnoxious Parent Invoices Kid Who Missed Party

One British mom is setting a really spectacular example for her young son by shoving a no-show invoice into the backpack of a nursery-school classmate who missed his birthday party. The Torpoint woman — identified by local papers as Julie Lawrence — wouldn’t back down when confronted by 5-year-old Alex Nash’s parents, and continued to threaten to sue them over £15.95 (about $24).

According to little Alex’s dad, Derek, the boy decided at the last minute that he would rather spend the day with his grandparents, who would be away for Christmas, than at the ski-themed birthday party. (And judging by the mom’s behavior, who can blame him?) Derek says they didn’t have Lawrence’s contact information, so they simply didn’t show up instead of politely backing out. He also claims they looked for the mom to apologize once school started up again after the holidays.

But Lawrence was incensed. She asked the kids’ teacher to place the invoice into Alex’s backpack (about which the school is now very embarrassed). Nash’s parents initially “thought it was a joke,” but alas, it was not. After Derek Nash visited the mother to discuss the letter (hint: That didn’t go over well), Alex’s mom, Tanya Walsh, contacted her on Facebook to “settle this amicably.” That didn’t happen, either. Read the full parental exchanges here.


Obnoxious Parent Invoices Kid Who Missed Party