Rand Paul Releases Skit Mocking Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton

U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) speaks during a news conference June 13, 2013 at the Capitol Hill Club on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Senator Paul was joined by lawmakers and other groups to discuss the National Security Agency's surveillance program.
Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images2013 Getty Images

From posting a Facebook gallery of “Hillary’s Loser’s” to taunting Marco Rubio on U.S-Cuba relations via Twitter, Rand Paul’s online presence can best be described as what would happen if Alex P. Keaton had access to social media. But as a man who spent his college years in a “secret society” that trolled Baylor University so hard that they were threatened with expulsion, Paul is capable of much more. On Thursday the senator stepped up his game by posting a recording, which was apparently produced by his PAC, of a fake phone call between Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush. 

I just wanted to call and give you a heads-up in hopes we could work something out,” says the actor playing Bush. “What do you mean, Jeb? It’s clearly my turn: Bush, Clinton, Bush. Now Clinton,” replies the actress portraying Clinton.

It’s never stated, but the message is clear: America should shake things up by electing the son of an unsuccessful presidential candidate.

Paul Releases Skit Mocking Bush and Clinton