Knicks Fan Picked the Wrong Year to Travel to Every Game

Photo: Rob Carr/Getty Images

Poor Dennis Doyle. Last year, he withdrew $25,000 from his bank account to fund the ultimate Knicks road trip, in which he’d attend all 82 games this season, home and away. Since then, he’s watched his favorite team go 5–35, and has suffered through a 15-game losing streak so dreadful the Times pulled its Knicks writer off the beat out of mercy. Despite all the losing, though, Doyle tells the Post he doesn’t plan on quitting. Says Doyle, who spent $750 on airfare and $200 on a game ticket to watch the Knicks play the Bucks in London on Thursday: “I’ll see it through — if it doesn’t kill me first.”

Poor Knicks Fan Is Attending All 82 Games