Pope Francis Says He Doesn’t Know Why God Lets Children Suffer

VATICAN CITY, VATICAN - DECEMBER 22: Pope Francis exchanges Christmas greetings with the Roman Curia at the Clementina Hall on December 22, 2014 in Vatican City, Vatican. Pope Francis received the heads and other senior officials of the departments of the Roman Curia on Monday, in their traditional exchange of Christmas greetings. In remarks prepared for the occasion and delivered Monday morning, the Holy Father focused on the need for those who serve in the curia – especially those in positions of power and authority.
Photo: Franco Origlia/Vatican Pool

On Sunday, the pope had an emotional moment onstage during his whirlwind tour of Asia when a young homeless girl in the Philippines asked him why the good Lord lets young people fall into drugs and prostitution. “Why does God allow these things to happen to us?” 12-year-old Glyzelle Palomar asked. “The children are not guilty of anything.” As she broke into tears, Pope Francis wrapped Palomar and another child in a big hug. Then he ditched his preprepared speech to talk directly to the people. “She is the only one who has put [forth] a question for which there is no answer and she wasn’t even able to express it in words, but in tears,” he said. “The nucleus of your question … almost doesn’t have a reply.”

Pope Doesn’t Know Why God Lets Kids Suffer