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The Snowstorm Left Nantucket Alone in the Freezing Dark

Photo: Joshua Balling/Nantucket Inquirer and Mirror

While the big snowstorm went pretty easy on New York, it clobbered parts of New England and left the island of Nantucket, Massachusetts, without power, access to the mainland, or any hope of outside help until Wednesday.

The New York Times reports that the Waspy vacation destination’s 12,000 winter residents were blasted with heavy snow and up to 78-miles-per-hour winds on Monday night. Tuesday morning’s high tide flooded much of Nantucket’s downtown, and the same thing is expected to happen when high tide rolls around again at 6 p.m. Snow, wind, and the resulting whiteout conditions have continued throughout the day. The Nantucket Inquirer and Mirror reports that, for now, displaced people are sheltering in the local high school.

With the island’s landlines, internet, and TV service all down, and cell phones barely working, Nantucket’s police chief took to the radio to explain the situation. “It will get cold tonight. We have to get people situated before dark if they want to be evacuated,” said William Pittman. “Nobody will be coming now. We’re pretty much assured there won’t be any assistance at least until tomorrow.”

In brighter news, this kid will have a crazy story to tell about himself when he gets older:

Snowstorm Left Nantucket in the Freezing Dark