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If You Liked Today’s Very Cold Weather, Then You’ll Love Tomorrow’s Freezing Weather

Photo: Andrew Burton/Getty Images

It’s cold out there, huh? Some might even say it’s “freezing” out there — but it’s about to get much worse.

Current forecasts say that the temperature in New York City should stay in the low 20s until Wednesday evening, when an arctic front will begin dragging the mercury down until it hits 8 degrees sometime Thursday morning. When combined with the wind, the single-digit temperature will make it feel as though it’s between -10 and 0 outside. “THIS WILL RESULT IN FROST BITE AND LEAD TO HYPOTHERMIA IF PRECAUTIONS ARE NOT TAKEN,” warns the National Weather Service, whose newly issued windchill advisory goes into effect at 7 p.m. tonight.

Tomorrow’s high is 19 degrees (give or take), which means this afternoon was warmer than it will be at any point until Friday, when the temperature is expected to crawl to the low 30s (plus some snow). Enjoy!

Temperature to Hit Single Digits in NYC Tomorrow