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8 Actually Good Things That Happened This Week

This week started with a fake blizzard and ended with a crushing revelation about one man’s sexual appeal. And the weekend will be a miserable arctic mess! But fear not: Here are eight actually good things that happened this week.

1. The “dangerous” blizzard wasn’t actually that bad. We got way less snow than expected, which means way fewer slush puddles. We also got a dramatic reading of that Onion story from the mayor himself.

2. The red pandas at the Trevor Zoo got t0 frolic in the snow. Further proof the blizzard wasn’t all bad.

3. A 4-year-old Michigan girl saved her pregnant mother by dialing 911. Calise Manning’s mother was 9 months pregnant with her baby brother when she started to seize and collapsed on the floor. But Calise, trained in what to do in emergency situations, dialed 911 and gave them her mom’s name and address so that she could be rescued. Her mom was taken to the hospital and delivered a healthy baby boy.

4. President Obama dedicated $215 million to a new biomedical research project. The new initiative will use DNA to help develop personalized medical treatments for Americans based on their own health histories. Obama says the project “gives us one of the greatest opportunities for new medical breakthroughs that we have ever seen.” 

5. More Gowanus bunnies were rescued. The bad news is that some of the bunnies who were living in overcrowded quarters in Gowanus have syphilis. The good news is, police rescued 100 more of them this week to help treat them for wounds and diseases, so hopefully they’ll be back to normal in no time.

42-47265632 Photo: Simon Potter/Corbis

6. Revenge porn may finally be on its way out. A Pittsburgh law firm has started the Cyber Civil Rights Legal Project, a new initiative of close to 50 volunteer lawyers who are working to defend women whose exes have posted explicit photos of them online without their consent. It’s the first group of its kind and will hopefully help victims of revenge porn win their battles in court.

7. We got to watch a “Super Bowl” better than the real Super Bowl. Seattle Seahawks player Marshawn Lynch and the New England Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski took their teams’ feud to the virtual world, where they played the new Mortal Combat X against each other. The results were hilarious.

8. I took in a foster cat! And as soon as she comes out from hiding beneath the bed, I’m sure she will be as adorable as her picture.


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