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New Jersey Man Tries to Cover Up DWI by Creating Black Ice

Brian Byers. Photo: Sparta Police Department

Police in Sparta, New Jersey, say that after blowing through a stop sign, hitting a guard rail, and fleeing the scene early Saturday morning, Brian Byers tried to use the icy weather to his advantage. According to CBS New York, he allegedly drove back to the intersection with friend Alexander Zambenedetti and the two poured several buckets of water over the road in an attempt to make it look like the accident was caused by black ice. A police officer spotted Byers walking in the road, and the two 20-year-olds are now facing various charges, including driving while intoxicated and disorderly conduct for creating a dangerous road condition. And, proving that the frigid temperatures are truly good for nothing, the cover-up didn’t even work. “You could actually see the skid marks underneath the water they had just put there, so we knew that they had dumped this water over the top of where he lost control of the vehicle rather than the vehicle losing control on the ice itself,” said Sergeant Dennis Proctor.

N.J. Man Tries to Cover DWI by Making Black Ice