John Boehner Answers Question With Creepy Kissy Face

America’s sweetheart John Boehner had a puzzling response to a question posed by a reporter at a press conference this morning. When asked whether or not he would bring Senator Mitch McConnell’s DHS bill to a vote, he smooched his lips and made a kissing noise before responding, “When I make decisions, I’ll let you know.”

House Speaker Boehner, do you believe President Obama believes in Christianity “deep down?”

House Speaker Boehner, how much do you love the tea party?

House Speaker Boehner, what do you think of Taylor Swift’s dance moves?

This concludes Boehner’s evolution into the kissy-face emoji.

Photo: Konstantin Sergeyev. Photo: J. Scott Applewhite/AP


Boehner Answers Question With Creepy Kissy Face