Scientists Determine Exactly How Disgusting Your Subway Station Is

Subway stations: even grosser than you thought they were.

You always knew, not so deep down, that your subway station was filled with rats and garbage and human feces and various other vile markers of urban life. But now, researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College have figured out exactly how disgusting each of New York’s subway stations are. Quick, grab the Purell.

The scientists found 67 different types of bacteria species present in DNA samples taken from all 466 subway stations, including bacteria associated with illnesses like dysentery and meningitis, and gross stuff like “toxic cleanup” and “Italian cheeses.”

In case you’re comforting yourself right now by saying, “They probably only checked the floor for bacteria!” Well, ya burnt. The researchers stuck to swabbing places people touched the most, like turnstyles, MetroCard vending machines, and benches.

Enjoy your commute! And don’t lick the pole.

How Disgusting Is Your Subway Station?