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NYC Lawmakers Will Destroy Municipal I.D. Cardholders’ Data Because They Feared Future Under Tea-Party President

Photo: IDNYC

New York City has at least taken one precaution if, in the not-so-distant future of 2016, a tea-party candidate manages to get elected president of the United States. The New York Post reports that lawmakers behind the city’s new municipal I.D. added a provision that allows for the destruction of cardholders’ data at the end of 2016 if it’s no longer needed. This item was included out of concern that the next White House resident could ask for the information, which would show addresses and other info for some of the city’s undocumented immigrants. The municipal I.D.s, or IDNYC cards, are available to all city residents, but especially help undocumented immigrants and other groups who often have trouble getting valid I.D. Confidentiality was one of the program’s main selling points, and this addition/nuclear option would be a safeguard against that, should such a future come to pass. 

IDNYC Data Can Be Deleted at End of 2016