Here Is a GIF Recap of the Great Llama Chase of 2015

Today, two brave llamas escaped from their homes and proudly gallivanted around a Sun City, Arizona, neighborhood for nearly an hour before they were caught by men who, frankly, weren’t that great at using lassos. It was the most important news event since the last important news event, and it offered us a moment of respite, however brief, from the depressing doldrums of winter.

Now, as the hot takes flow, let’s take a look back at the Great Llama Escape of 2015, via GIFs.

The llamas, freed from the shackles of their prison, are chased by their captors.
Unconcerned for the neighborhood’s traffic patterns, the llamas prance about between cars.
The llamas, best friends since the chase began, are separated by their captors.
Man cannot defeat llama.
One man sidles up cozily to the black llama, before his attempts to restrain it fail laughably.
But not for long. The black llama is wrangled and captured. It’s always the black llama.
Separated from his BFF, the white llama pushes on towards freedom.
Until some guys in a truck lasso him, and the great llama chase of 2015 comes to an anticlimactic end.


A GIF Recap of the Great Llama Chase of 2015