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Cool D.C. Teen Malia Obama May Soon Become Cool NYC Teen

Queen Malia Photo: maskedgorilla/Instagram

Malia Obama has temporarily put aside selfie-taking to spend the day touring New York colleges, according to excited Columbia students on Twitter and the student blog NYU Local. The 17-year-old Sidwell Friends junior was spotted this morning touring two NYU dorms — Goddard Hall and Weinstein Hall — with her mom, an admissions ambassador, and several Secret Service members. (Quick, someone tell her that Hayden is the best freshman dorm!)

This afternoon, Malia and Michelle were also seen eating at Morningside Heights brunch spot Community Food and Juice on Broadway between 112th and 113th Streets, either before or after touring the Columbia campus.

FLOTUS! Michele and Malia Obama at Columbia! #brunch

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If Malia keeps wearing that Pro Era shirt, she’ll fit in at NYU just fine.

Malia Obama Tours NYU and Columbia