The New York Times Helps an Anonymous Source Complete Her Bucket List

Hiding from the world
Photo illustration of what an anonymous source might look like. Photo: shapecharge/Getty Images

The New York Times published a story this Wednesday on the bathrooms at the Port Authority Bus Terminal, which allegedly no longer offer a direct route to the river Acheron. At least one person will buy ten copies of the issue for this article alone, because unlike most articles on public restrooms, this one made her dreams come true. 

The world will never know who this person is, for her complete anonymity was a necessary condition of her participation in this investigation of notorious water closets. The only information we have to identify this person is her gift of being able to describe Port Authority bathrooms as if they were being featured in a Goop newsletter


This is not the first time an anonymous source has offered unorthodox reasons for remaining nameless. 

NYT Helps Anonymous Source Complete Bucket List