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Friendly Reminder: Tomorrow Could Be NYC’s Coldest Day in 20 Years

Don’t let today’s balmy 30 degrees fool you: Some very unpleasant weather is headed this way. While the blizzard due to hit the tristate area later on is expected to drop only a few inches of snow on New York City (Long Island and Suffolk counties are another story), the wind will not spare us. 

Forecasters warn that gusts of up to 60 miles per hour could “make it feel like 15 below during the day on Sunday, 30 below Sunday evening, and as low as 35 below Monday morning.” Assuming that Mother Nature (or whoever) follows through on those wind-chill threats, tomorrow could be the coldest day NYC has had since 1993. So if you’re expecting Valentine’s Day company tonight, make sure it’s someone you like: It’s going to be impossible to get them to leave your apartment in the morning. 

Tomorrow Could Be the Coldest Day in 20 Years