11 Wesleyan Students Hospitalized After Taking Molly


Almost a dozen Wesleyan University kids ended up in the hospital after taking Molly (MDMA, for the uninitiated) over the weekend. According to NBC New York, “Authorities say that seven students were transported by ambulances to the hospital and another four walked to emergency rooms.” Two of them are reportedly in critical condition and had to be flown to Hartford (located about 20 miles away from the Middletown, Connecticut campus) for treatment. 

Middletown Police Chief William McKenna told the Associated Press that his department was trying to figure out whether the sick students, who were exhibiting symptoms of overdose, had gotten a bad batch of the drug. “Our first and foremost goal is to obtain information on the batch of Molly that was distributed to the students on the campus. This information is critical in ensuring the recovery of those students affected,” he said. Meanwhile, Wesleyan’s vice-president of student affairs, Michael Whaley, sent out a schoolwide email urging students to check on their friends: “Do this right now!” he wrote.

Wesleyan Students Hospitalized After Taking MDMA