Area Men Try to Get Into White House (Again)

The Secret Service patrols the White House on a busy Monday morning. Photo: Brendan Smialowski/Getty ImagesBRENDAN SMIALOWSKI

On Monday morning, a man failed to get into the White House by trying to slip by when a person who was authorized to enter the high-security area was exiting. On Sunday evening, another man failed to get onto the White House grounds by climbing over a bike rack near a statue of the patron saint of storming places unexpectedly, William Tecumseh Sherman. 

In the past year, the Secret Service has had to deal with an epidemic of people — and robotstrying to get past White House security. The White House responded by building an extra fence, which, judging by the past 24 hours, has sent people with an unfortunate desire to get onto the White House lawn to find other routes. 

USA Today reported yesterday that Joseph Clancy, the new Secret Service head, “said no one should try to breach White House security anytime soon” on the Sunday shows.