Dentists Have Been Waiting for Today Since Halloween

SURABAYA, INDONESIA - MARCH 14: Revellers take part in St. Patrick's Day celebrations at Sheraton Hotel on March 14, 2014 in Surabaya, Indonesia. Saint Patrick's Day is an annual religious and cultural celebration on March 17th commemorating the patron saint of Ireland. It is a public holiday in Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland and is celebrated in a number of countries that have become home to the Irish diaspora. (Photo by Robertus Pudyanto/Getty Images)
Photo: Robertus Pudyanto/Getty Images

As St. Patrick’s Day has become less about the Irish and more an extension of the Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve — a daylong party with a different color dress code — a new March event has apparently been canonized: the post–St. Patrick’s Day visit to the dentist. CNBC looked at data showing that emergency visits to the dentist jump 64 percent on the first business day after St. Patrick’s Day. The biggest jumps are in Delaware, Mississippi, Nebraska, and Utah — none of which are states with the highest percentage of Irish residents. One dentist told CNBC about his past St. Patrick’s patients, including those who “’become clumsy and fall down, doing a face plant in the sidewalk,’ and others who become so drunk that it ‘results in them biting someone they have offended in the fist with their teeth.’”

Dentists Have Been Waiting for Today Since 10/31