Hero Reporter Goes to McDonald’s On-Camera

True American Traffic Jam Jimmy

Hey! Is it too early to get a fish sandwich?” Such was the immortal cry of Traffic Jam Jimmy — a Baltimore reporter wandering around the streets of Maryland in a car covered in cameras — who had been driving around in a snowstorm for hours on Thursday morning and was now very hungry. He went to McDonald’s — which, judging from the bag already visible in the backseat of his car, he has done before — where it was in fact too early for a fish sandwich.

It was also an inopportune time to order a fish sandwich, because Fox 45 reporter Candace Dold wanted an update on the road conditions, and instead got to listen to Traffic Jam Jimmy, also known as Jimmy Uhrin, resort to ordering an Egg McMuffin and black coffee instead. 

Don’t tell the boss I did this,” he said. Uhrin — “who formerly played the sea monster on Captain Chesapeake,” according to the Baltimore Sun — does not normally have a neon orange beard. It is dyed to raise awareness for Multiple Sclerosis week.