ISIS Demolishes a Third Archaeological Site in As Many Days

ISIS destroys statues in the Mosul Museum.

Over the weekend ISIS continued its campaign to destroy ancient art it considers idolatrous (or wants to sell on the black market). After bulldozing Nimrud on Friday, militants did the same in Hatra, another UNESCO world heritage site, on Saturday. Now the Iraqi government is investigating reports that Khorsabad, an Assyrian city constructed in 721 B.C., was destroyed on Sunday. Iraqi tourism and antiquities minister Adel Shirshab has called for a special meeting of the U.N. Security Council to address the issue, and said coalition forces should be doing more to protect historic sites. “Our airspace is not in our hands. It’s in their hands,” Shirshab said. “I am calling on the international community and coalition to activate its air strikes and target terrorism wherever it exists.”

ISIS Demolishes a Third Archaeological Site