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Just Call Him Bobby Gymdal

Bobby Jindal, arguably the only potential GOP presidential candidate who doesn’t really need to be regularly hitting the gym, was spotted by an MSNBC reporter this morning at a midtown Manhattan Equinox. In an article written simply to brag about the fact that she went to the gym this morning and you didn’t (ugh, we get it), reporter Aliyah Frumin shares the rundown on Jindal’s gym routine, which — judging from the photo — looks kind of chill.

Jindal told MSNBC they had caught him on “leg day,” and he was doing cardio on a stationary bike. “Normally, I start my day really early with a cardio workout, some light weights,” he said. “You know, at my age, it’s really about trying to stay healthy … When I work out I have more energy for the rest of the day.”

If Jindal really wants to compete with the big boys like Biden and Ryan, he’s gonna have to trade in the bike for some heavier weights.