The Newest Culprit for Slow Subways: The People Forced to Ride Them

Photo: Allison Joyce/Getty Images

The New York Post published a story today that finally solves the mystery of ever-lengthening subway commutes: “an epidemic of bad behavior by out-of-control passengers.”

The story notes that more than 2,300 train delays were reportedly caused by “unruly passengers” in January, an 80 percent increase from last year. “The 6 line had the most delays caused by unruly riders,” the article notes, “followed by the 2, 5, E and R, sources said. The 7 and the L were the calmest.” 

However, the article fails to entertain the idea that these antsy passengers may not be a cause of delays, but a symptom of it, and that the likelihood of finding mayhem on the way to work increases exponentially the longer your commute gets. Judging from the many angry quotes peppering the Post’s article (“People are awful”), it seems like the “unruly passengers” are likely to induct more people to their numbers unless things change soon. 

The Newest Culprit for Slow Subways