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MTA Forced to Publicly Beg People Not to Pee in Subway Station

Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images

The MTA’s politeness campaign has taken on manspreaders, stinky-food-eaters, and backpack-wearers. Now workers at the West Fourth Street station have stooped to begging people not to urinate everywhere.

Paper signs recently taped to the station’s walls implore riders in all caps, “PLEASE DO NOT URINATE IN THIS AREA” — not because it’s a subway station and peeing on public transit is gross and illegal, but because it’s an “active work area.” MTA employees are upgrading the subway’s interlocking system, and all that urine is getting in the way of their work.

Of course, if you’re a chronic subway-platform-pee-er, a dinky paper sign probably isn’t going to stop you.

MTA Begs People Not to Pee in Subways